Benefits of Staying in a Villa Compared to Other Lodgings

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to choosing the right lodgings that suit their needs. Some people like staying in a hotel because everything has been provided there; they don’t need to do anything on their own. Some people like staying in a guest house because it allows them to have direct and personal connection with other guests as well as with the surrounding nature. Some prefer staying in a villa or luxury private home because of privacy and freedom requirements.

Well, you are free to choose whatever place to stay in, but it doesn’t hurt to learn a few things about private house or a villa. In fact, you will learn that there are loads of great perks to enjoy from staying in a villa than in a hotel, especially from privacy and individual freedom.

Why Villa?

Choosing the right accommodation is important if you want to make sure that your holiday will go smooth and you will enjoy great comfort. You certainly don’t want to make wrong choice of choosing the wrong accommodation. If you are tempted to staying in unknown or shady hotels because of the low price, and it turns out that you will be staying a place that looks like a dump, your holiday will be a disastrous experience. There won’t be any beautiful memorable experience; you only have regrets.


Why villa, you ask? If you are a type of person who really values your privacy and your holiday is supposed to be a getaway trip from the hustle and bustle of your everyday boring routine, you certainly want to stay in a place that feels like home – but not really exactly like home. Catch my drift? You certainly want to stay in a place that is able to exude the homey and comfy feel, but with different amenities, design, look, layout, and location. A hotel is certainly out of the questions – when is the last time you stay in a hotel and feel the homey and comfy feel? So, a villa is your next best option.

After all, staying in a villa makes you feel as if you have never left home at all. You don’t need to change your daily routine habit as you can still do whatever you like – only in different spots. Moreover, a villa is usually equipped with loads of cool amenities, so staying in a villa will guarantee your satisfaction and enjoyment. Feel free to make use of the provided facilities like the swimming pool, tennis court, open space balcony with great view, and so many more.

Why Villa Is Better than Other Lodgings

staying in villaThere are reasons why a villa is better than other lodgings, even hotels. For a starter, nothing beats the options of privacy provided by a villa. If you want to spend the whole day staying in bed, wearing only your favorite pajamas, you can do so. If you want to spend the entire day and night going around the house in your favorite pajama and looking groggy, no one will stop you. even if you want to wear only your bikini or underwear the whole day and explore the house, nothing or no one will stop you. No one will snoop on you, so you won’t have to worry about Peeping Tom. Your privacy will remain intact, and you don’t have to worry about others judging you.

Peace and serenity is another reason why people like staying in a villa. When you stay in a hotel, you are a witness of how busy and crowded the activities inside it. There are noises of guests passing by on the hallways or the sound of the cleaning service wheel carts going here and there. There are noises of shouting kids and other guests outside the door or from the swimming pool can still reach you, although you have closed all the windows and the door. In a villa, on the other hand, you can enjoy the serenity and peace as you wish. If the family room is packed with kids playing their favorite game, you can always sneak out to the balcony and have your own quiet me time. Even if you decide to stay there until late at night, no one will bother you – or ask you to get lost so they can enjoy the same beauty and peace.

Freedom is another factor that makes people like staying in a villa. Like to sneak into the kitchen late at night when you have difficulties in sleeping? Be my guest, you can take whatever you want without the security suspecting you of stealing the food. You don’t really like the boring and stale foods served by the hotel? You can always cook your own. You don’t like the eating schedule arranged by the hotel – and you can’t really complain about it? Set your own schedule and eat whenever you want – on the kitchen counter, in front of the TV, on the balcony, in the bedroom….basically whenever you want! The cool thing is that you don’t have to share all these cool amenities and facilities with other guests. Use the Jacuzzi anytime you want and as long as you wish. Enjoy the swimming pool or the kids’ playground as your heart contents without having to share with others. Don’t worry about having to wake up very early so you can get the sun bed for your bathing purpose; no one will steal your spot. Be the king – or queen – in the villa and do whatever you want.